Sometime traveling is not about the destination, its about whom you with

Traveling for common people means going somewhere to an interesting n beautiful place, taking picture, enjoy the view, the adventure, the culture and the nature. but for me there is also one important thing about traveling, its about whom u with.

When u go somewhere with someone that match u in everyway, it will bring a wonderful moment there, event the place and activity is not really fun. But the happiness than you share together raising the value of the travel .

If you are not a solo traveler, it will means a lot, coz by traveling with someone or group you will understand other personality, u will push to know their characteristic in personal.

Sometime a person u know well as a good buddy in ur social life (hang out, community, school, office friend) can be a horrible partner when you traveling together, finally you and her/him will show your ‘truly personality that being hide all this time’, and it will be shocking to realize it. Seem like you lost someone that being humble.

These kind of person will make you missed the fun of traveling, even the place is very beautiful n it only your once in a life time, surely you’ll missed all those precious moment. But no regret if it happened. All you can do just enjoy and try to relax.

I found this negative characteristic of person when traveling, its really surprising me, since I thought I knew her/him so well, but suddenly changed when we go traveled. This person transformed into a person that grumble about everything, lazy and too high expectation of a things.

Sometime you find a person such a perfect match on traveling, it’s a person that you really feel so cozy to walk with, someone that you can share about anything on traveling. Means that not only you can rely on her/him but they also can count on you.

I have several friends that I call my truly travelmate, it a person that I enjoy traveling with them. And these special travelmate will give more value in my travel, I do enjoy the limit time of travel, and feel so comfort to be with them. Event the place just a common place, the activity not really fun, but being with them can change those minus into maximum, it increase the fun, the happiness and the advanture.

I use to have ‘a note’ of person that match with me, and also a note that not match for me, based on my experience traveling with them. I will avoid to travel with person that not match, even she/he look so nice n our friendship is close, but in traveling is different. Better to have only several person than many people to enjoy it.

A perfect travelmate will bring u double excitement of traveling.



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