Welcome Greyhair

My hair

Some said those Greyhairs are the wisdom hair, growing replacing the black.
Greyhairs grow as time passed collecting million tasked,activities, memories, all the stress n happy time.
A friend said..grey hair is enlightenment in you black hair, it’s like ‘habis gelap terbitlan terang’.it’s a reminder that you are entering the bright side of life and left all the black life behind
Somepeople look sexy with the Greyhair, they look wise,smart, experienced. but Somepeople also look old and tired, that’s why, they hide the Greyhair by coloring them into dark, maybe they cannot move on with life, struggle to be look young than age, but those depend on how we respect life….positive thought will mirror in you appearance
I said greyhairs are growing among my blackhairs…yeeii…I think I am ready with this new things. I have highlighted hair without made it.I am into enlightenment
happy birthday to me


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